Judy Layfield - I was born in St. Thomas and lived there most of my life. In 2005 I became a member of the St. Thomas Photographic Guild and I am now the Secretary. I met Jim and, in 2007, moved to London. I live to take photos of flowers, landscapes, animals and birds, but waterfalls are my favourite. In 2014, while on a trip with my sisters, I became fascinated with abstract reflections created by the water in the harbour at Tobermory. This has influenced the creativity in my photography. I loved it.  Nothing can beat the feeling you get when you take that one special photo that gives you a sense of accomplishment and you can't wait to show it to someone.


Evening Calm - Photo

Moonlight Glow - Photo

Reflective Moment

River Cherwell - Crossing (Oxford England) - Photo

Misty Morning at Dartnoor England - Photo