Sharon Harbaruk - I was born and raised in St. Thomas, Ontario.  It was not until 2007 that I became interested in photography and I joined the St. Thomas Photographic Guild. It was there that I worked with mentors and photography turned into a passion. I enjoy landscapes, birds, flowers, macro photograph and creating abstract photography.  You will rarely see me without my camera.  The beauty of  the natural world inspires me to try and capture it at its best.  Whether it be in a grand landscape or as small as a water droplet, an insect or petal of a flower, I strive to bring my photography to life.   I get totally absorbed in the creation of abstract art and spend a lot of time creating what I hope is pleasing work that will make the viewer stop and study it.  Life is about learning and I continue to learn each time I pick up my camera.

"Snow Owl" Photography 10x10  $125.00

"Checking it out" Photograph 12 x 9  $125.00

"The Dancer"  Photography 10 x 10 $125

"In The Shadows" Photography 22.5x25.5 $550

"The Getaway" Photograph 18x28  $450.