Michele Haley
I am a London, Ontario artist who grew up in Québec City where I attended École des Beaux Arts. Because of early initiation and inheriting the family art gene, painting has become a necessity, a passion and a source of peace.

Joining the Gallery Painting Group a few years ago led me to discover the joy of painting on location while connecting closely with nature. All the elements of plein air, from hot muggy weather with bugs to a warm summer breeze in the morning sunlight, create a mood that is the foundation of most of my work. My primary goals are simplicity and serenity, giving me a mysterious feeling of creating magic.

Although my work consists mainly of London and area landscapes in oil, completed on location, I also use acrylic, watercolour and pastels. Always eager to learn new techniques and approaches by different instructors, I continue to attend workshops and classes sponsored by various art groups and schools.

Lilacs - oil

Pink - oil

Killarney Lake- oil

Weeping Nootkaa - oil